Reviewing the Concept of Voice: Toward a Comprehensive Definition

  • Marcelo Saldías Departamento de Fonoaudiología, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile
Keywords: Voice concept, Normal voice, Quality of life


The concept of voice is usually defined in different manners depending on the perspective of each author. Currently, there exists neither a unique definition for “voice” nor “normal voice”. Also, traditional definitions tend to be narrow and do not integrate all the available perspectives. A more comprehensive definition of voice can be obtained by compiling different perspectives, which potentially can complement and broaden the existing vision regarding the process of vocal intervention, both in training and in rehabilitation.

Purpose: The present article aims to propose a more comprehensive definition of the concept of voice. Also, a brief discussion about the idea of “normal voice” is presented.

Conclusion: A sufficiently broad definition of voice is needed to include the whole variety of factors that converge when working with people with specific vocal needs. Also, a review of the concept of “normality” is needed to better understand the physical, biological, and social phenomenon of voice. A comprehensive perspective of the voice implies changing the approaches of intervention, which need to be adapted to the cultural and generational changes that accompany human beings throughout their history.

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