Editorial Review

Authors who submit a contribution for possible publication in Journal of Audiology, Otoneurology and Phoniatrics must include —full and in their final version— the documents indicated in Requirements for manuscript submission. Once the editorial team verifies that the submission meets all the requirements, the text will undergo editorial review, which comprises the following stages:

  1. Accredit a review with the tool approved by the Editorial Committee for plagiarism detection, only after this will it be possible to go on to the next stages of editorial review.
  2. It will be verified that the submitted text keeps a relation with the journal’s focus and scope.
  3. It will be revised that the text meets each and every format indication stated in requirements for manuscript submission and manuscript delivery, as well as in guidelines for authors.
  4. It will be checked that the bibliography resorted to is relevant and updated, and that it is provided duly standardized in Vancouver
  5. According to the guidelines of editorial policy, approved by the Editorial Committee, priority will be given to texts whose bibliography is delivered electronically managed and with active hyperlinks to their respective DOI’s, where appropriate.

Once the submitted postulation accredits editorial review, the corresponding author will be formally notified about the registration and beginning of the academic review process.