Open Data Policy

JAOP promotes and fosters that data associated to the articles published are made openly available, according to FAIR Data principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). This has to be linked from the Declaration on Data Accessibility, which will be disclosed once the article is published. If data are not available with the journal publication, ideally an explanation for this should be given by the author. Data obtained from other sources must be duly attributed.

As part of this policy, JAOP invites the authors to:

  • Publish detailed descriptions of their methods structured in online open platforms such as
  • If they send an article that includes or refers to a dataset or source code, an associated DOI must be included. Such DOI may be obtained sending relevant data to a repository such as Zenodo, Figshare or any other data repository that provides persistent links (such as DOI or Handle).

JAOP is an Open Access journal, hence we expect that all the resources related to article published in the journal are also available in open access.